Top Notch Toys September 2018



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Cover: GCHS Nirvana's Skittles

14 This Month in Top Notch Toys 

16 A Message from the Publisher
AJ Arapovic 

18 Toy Talk & Toy Box
Bonnie Guggenheim 

22 TNT Coming Attractions 

40 Greeley Kennel Club Candids
photos by Tom Weigand 

44 Affenpinscher National Specialty
photos by Donna Wolf 

49 The Havanese National
Kathy Ambler 

54 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
George Milutinovich 

56 Russian Toy National Specialty 2018
Nona Dietrich 

58 Judging the Pug
Donelle Richards 

60 The Joy of Training a Pug
Donna Manha 

64 The Health Status of the Pug Breed 2018
Christine Dresser, DVM 

66 The Pug and Color
Patrick Arthur McManus 

68 The Pug
Charlotte P. Patterson

70 TNT Top Twenty Toys

70 TNT All-Breed System

71 TNT Breed System

72 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

73 Advertising and Subscription Rates

74 Index to Advertisers

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