Top Notch Toys September 2017



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On The Cover: “ANA”


GCH Melitica Prima Ballerina Ana Pavlova


Table Of Contents

2 Cover Story

18 Table Of Contents

22 From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis III

24 Toy Talk Bonnie Guggenheim

52 Great Lakes Candid Ringside Shots

56 Going Extinct: Breeders In Hiding By Cara Ryckman

64 Just Judy’s Thoughts By Judy Thompson

66 Toy Box Candids Of Our Canine Pals

68 Update: Canine Influenza By Caroline Coile, Phd

84 Everybody, Somebody, Anybody And Nobody By Amy Peterson


73 Nothing Little About This Toy By Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii

74 Judging The Pug By Charlotte Patterson

76 Words Of Wisdom By Lisa Sheeran

78 Pug Breeders’ Forum

81 A Picture Of Health By Chrstine Dresser, Dvm

82 Official AKC Standard For The Pug

83 Judging The Multum In Parvo Breed By Donnell Richards

TNT Vital Statistics

86 TNT Top Twenty Toys

87 TNT All-Breed System

88 TNT Breed System

88 TNT National Owner-Handled System

89 Advertising & Subscription Rates

90 Index To Advertisers

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