Top Notch Toys October 2015



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On The Cover: GCh Foxmore Boxwood Bodeen Toy Poodle, Owned By Ingela Gram And Janet Reed

16 From The Editor-In-Chief

18 Toy Talk By Bonnie Guggenheim

20 Toy Box

24 Central Florida Toy Dog Club Candids - Photos By Wendy Ohlman

32 The Value Of Type - By Kate Eldredge

36 The Dreaded (Or Welcomed) Asterisk - By Caroline Coile

40 Great Lakes Toy Club Candids - Photos By Booth Photography

48 Toy Fox Terrier: History Of The Docked Tail - By Anne Kieffer

49 Sophie: A Toy Fox Terrier Ready To Serve - By Anne Kieffer

51 Terrier Or Toy: Does Size Matter? - By Anne Kieffer

53 Judging The Toy Fox Terrier - By Kelley Maldon

55 Toy Fox Terrier Breeders’ Forum

56 Judging The Toy Fox Terrier By Jon Rawleigh

60 Did You Know? Compiled By Samantha Adkins

62 TNT Top Twenty

62 TNT All Breed System

63 TNT Breed System

64 TNT Owner-Handlers System

65 Advertising & Subscription Rates

66 Index To Advertisers

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