Top Notch Toys March 2020



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15 Rest in Peace, Joseph Neil McGinnis III 

18 Toy Talk
Bonnie Guggenheim 

22 Toy Box 47 Remember Your Mentors
Richard Miller 

24 Upcoming Features 

28 Ocala Winter Cluster
photos by Tom Weigand 

32 Breeding the Chihuahua for the Show Ring
Virginia (Jenny) Hauber 

36 History of the Chihuahua
Art Johnson 

38 Judging the Min Pin
Larry Dewey 

40 Living With Min Pins
Gretchen Hofheins-Wackerfuss 

48 Some Thoughts From the USA
Dale and Jane Martenson 

50 Selecting A Japanese Chin Puppy
Dale Martenson 

52 False Pregnancy or Pseudopregnancy in Dogs
Ernest Ward, DVM 

53 Scent Work,The Next Frontier
Sherye Wise 

57 Living With The Pomeranian
Victoria Oelerich

62 TNT Top Twenty Toys

62 TNT All-Breed System

63 TNT Breed System

64 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

65 Rates

66 Index to Advertisers

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