Top Notch Toys March 2018



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Table Of Contents

Cover: Cover: BIS MBISS GCH Gold H&H Hotrod


18 This Month In Top Notch Toys

19 Cover Story

20 From The Executive Editor Emeritus

28 Toy Talk

42 Toy Box Candids Of Our Canine Pals

44 Around The Rings At Progressive Dog Club

48 Around The Rings At Ocala Florida

53 An Affenpinscher Acrostic By Donna Wolfe

54 Judging The Affenpinscher

56 The History Of The Affenpinscher By Kelly Broderick

60 Owner/Handlers Are Legit By Kathy Timko

62 TNT Top Twenty Toys

63 TNT All-Breed System

64 TNT Breed System

64 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

65 Advertising & Subscription Rates

66 Index To Advertisers

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