Top Notch Toys June 2019



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Cover: GCH CH Martin's Time Bomb Puff

6 This Month in Top Notch Toys 

10 From the Editor-in-Chief
Joe McGinnis 

18 Toy Talk
Bonnie Guggenheim 

34 Just Judy’s Thoughts: Cyber Training for Junior Handling
Judy Thompson 

40 2019 American Shih Tzu Club National Specialty
Jo Ann White 

44 The Most Popular Toy Breeds 

45 Coming Attractions 

46 Survey Says 

48 The Biewer Terrier: Journey to Full Recognition 

52 Are Breeder-Judges Good For The Sport?
Michael and Cathy Dugan 

54 Toy Box 

56 On The Line: Breed Standards Ensure Preservation
BJ Andrews '

58 TNT Top Twenty Toys

58 TNT All-Breed System

60 TNT Breed System

62 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

65 Advertising and Subscription Rates

66 Index to Advertisers

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