Top Notch Toys June 2017



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(Smooth Coat)

CKC AKC GCH Bloomsbury Because Of Love


Table Of Contents

            16            Table Of Contents

            18            Cover Story

            22            From The Executive Editor Joseph Neil McGinnis

            24            Toy Talk Bonnie Guggenheim

            26            Toy Box Candids Of Our Canine Pals

            28            Judging In China Christie Martinez

            46            Why I Wrote A Book About Cannabis Dr. Caroline Coile

            60            A New Sport: Nose Work! AKC Scent Work By Lew Olson

            62            The Meaning Of Sportsmanship Kyle Potts


Breed Features

            66            Defining The Cavalier Stephanie Abrahams

            68            Judging The Cavalier Dr. John Ioia

            71            American Shih Tzu Club National Specialty

            72            Candids From The Shih Tzu National

            78            The Toy Fox Terrier Barbara J. Andrews

            80            Judging The Toy Fox Terrier Jon Rawleigh

            82            I Like Your Rat Terrier! No, It’s A Toy Fox Terrier! By Susan Thibodeaux


TNT Vital Statistics

            84            TNT Top Twenty Toys

            84            TNT All-Breed System

            86            TNT Breed System

            88            TNT National Owner-Handled System

            89            Advertising & Subscription Rates

            90            Index To Advertisers

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