Top Notch Toys - July 2018



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Top Notch Toys - July 2018


COVER:GCHS That's Sun Ray At Pilosus

12 This Month in Top Notch Toys

16 From the Executive Editor Emeritus

Joseph Neil McGinnis III

18 Toy Talk

      Bonnie Guggenheim

34 Toy Box

38 Nor’East Toy Dog Cluster

      Tom Baldwin

44 Woofstock Cluster: Summer of 2018 

4 Days of Peace, Music & Dogs!

    Richard Pacquette

48 Cowboy Up in Oklahoma

     Richard Pacquette

61 TNT Coming Attractions

62 Havanese Extravaganza

63 Tracking the Health of Havanese — 20 Years Later

     Dr. Rafe H. Schindler &

     Sara Dellorto

64 The Havanese

65 Just a Slight Thought Alice Lawrence

67 Judging the Havanese

     Courtesy of The Havanese

     Club of America

69 Havanese History

     Courtesy of The Havanese

     Club of America

70 TNT Top Twenty Toys

70 TNT All-Breed System

71 TNT Breed System

72 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

73 Advertising and Subscription Rates

74 Index to Advertisers

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