Top Notch Toys - January 2018



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Table Of Contents
Cover: Am/Can Ch Groveshire’s Classic Sensation “Ariana”
16 This Month In Top Notch Toys
18 Cover Story
20 From The Executive Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis III
28 Toy Talk Bonnie Guggenheim
52 Toy Box - Candids Of Our Canine Pals
56 Around The Rings At AKCNC 2017 By The Winning Image
62 AKC’s Meet The Breeds By Joe McGinnis
64 Keeping Track Of Our Furry Friends By Judy Thompson
66 The Japanese Chin By Richard Camacho
68 Don’t Pre-Judge The Judge By Scott Toney
70 Yorkshire Terrier Rescue
74 Grooming And Maintaining The Yorkshire Terrier By Jamie Benett
78 Breeders’ Forum: The Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier
81 Advertising & Subscription Rates
82 Index To Advertisers

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