Top Notch Toys February 2020



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Cover: GCHG C&M's Fabio

22 From the Editor-in-Chief
Joe McGinnis 

28 Toy Talk
Bonnie Guggenheim 

34 On The Line: Probiotics For Your Dog?
BJ Andrews 

36 Presentation: It Does Make a Difference
Walter Sommerfelt 

40 On A Personal Note: New Year’s Resolutions of a Dog Enthusiast
Dr. Andrea Bradford 

46 Toy Box 

52 The Chinese Crested: The Bad, The Good & The Ugly!
Shelley Hennessy 

54 Judging the Chinese Crested
The American Chinese Crested Club 

56 Interviews: Spotlight on the Chinese Crested
Various Guest Experts 

59 What You’ll See at Westminster 2020
The Westminster Kennel Club 

60 Spotlight on the Chinese Crested
Arlene Butterklee

62 TNT Top Twenty Toys

62 TNT All-Breed System

63 TNT Breed System

64 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

65 Advertising and Subscription Rates

66 Index to Advertisers

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