Top Notch Toys December 2017



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Table Of Contents
COVER: GCH Tamarin Tailback “EMMITT”
14 This Month In Top Notch Toys
16  Cover Story
20 From The Executive Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii
26 Toy Talk Bonnie Guggenheim
32 Stem Cell Therapy For Hd Or Arthritis Bj Andrews
44 The Unsinkable Arlene Czech By Joe McGinnis & Judy Thompson
60 Ringside: Kennel Club Of Philadelphia Winning Image
64 Toy Box Candids Of Our Canine Pals
68 Being An Owner Handler Kathy Ambler
72 The Russian Toy Terrier Jennifer Grebinoski
80 So You Think You Want A Teacup Cara Ryckman
86 Surviving Hurricane Irma By Arlene Czech
88 Learning All The Moving Parts: The Superintendent By Allan Reznik
90 Manchester Terrier Collecting 101 By Joann Emrick
93 TNT Top Twenty Toys
94 TNT All-Breed System
95 TNT Breed System
95 TNT National Owner-Handled System
97 Advertising & Subscription Rates
98 Index To Advertisers

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