Top Notch Toys April 2019



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Cover: GCH Lamplighter Bendill Tail Wind

20 This Month in Top Notch Toys 


24 From the Editor-in-Chief
Joe McGinnis 

30 Toy Talk
Bonnie Guggenheim 

32 Shih Tzu Then and Now
America Victor Joris 

42 Advice for New & Prospective Shih Tzu Judges
Sally Vilas 

46 Living with a Shih Tzu
Jo Ann White 

50 ASTC Presents AKC Good Sportsmanship
Award to Sally Vilas 

52 Memorial Post Prompts Surprising Replies
Dan Sayers 

56 Pensacola DFA Dog Show Candids
photos by Tom Weigand 

60 Celtic Classic Cluster Candids
photos by Tom Weigand 

66 Toy Box 

72 Living with a Performance Min Pin
Kathy Morris 

74 Living with Min Pins
Gretchen Hofheins-Wackerfuss 

76 The Real Min Pin Shelley Erdman

78 TNT Top Twenty Toys

78 TNT All-Breed System

79 TNT Breed System

80 National Owner Handled System Top Toys

81 Advertising and Subscription Rates

82 Index to Advertisers

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