The Orient Express - September/October 2017



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Cover: Group Winning Sunrise Dragon Nikola

2   Cover Story

10  Table Of Contents

12  From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis Ill

14  New Faces: Dancing Lion Pekingese, Steven Hamblin And Frank Meister

20  An Historic Pekingese Win Courtesy Our Dogs

21  OE Playmates!

22  North Central Illinois Pekingese Club Photos And Results

27  The Breeder’s Bible By The Late, Great Carol Garrison, As Told To Joe McGinnis

30  First Impressions By Steven Hamblin



29  OE Breed System

31  OE Group System

33  OE Top Owner Handlers


OE Vital Statistics

34  Advertising Rates

34  Index To Advertisers

34  Coming Attractions

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