The Orient Express - March & April 2016



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Cover: “Emmie” Ch Follow Me Just Call Me Empress

10. From The Editor

16. Memories Of PCA Specialty

20. The Orient Express Black Mask Party #1, 1991

24. Pekingese Club Of America Roving Specialty #1, 1991

26. OE Playmates!

28. Pekingese Size By Nigel Aubrey-Jones

32. Why Won’t My Bitch Become Pregnant? Infertility In The Apparently Normal Bitch By Thomas K. Graves, Dvm

34. Did You Know? Compiled By Samantha Adkins

36. Remembering Mr. R. William “Bill” Taylor Compiled By Pamela Bruce And Lynda Torrance

42. Memories Of Bill & Nigel By Ray Lo

46. Hello From The Other Side By Jacquelyn Fogel

50. OE Breed System

51. OE Group System

52. National Owner-Handled System

53. Peke Escapades By Susan Johnson

54. Index To Advertisers/Oe Subscription Rates

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