The Orient Express - January & February 2016



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On The Cover: The Sensational Six - Silvergate Pekingese & Aslan Pekingese

14. From The Editor

16. Remembering Arlon By Duane C. Doll

18. Arlon Duit By Bob And Mary Ann Jackson

22. OE Playmates!

24. Top Tips To Rear A Peke Pup Successfully

34. Why Didn’t I Think Of That? A Whelping Primer By Joy Thoms

38. Feeding Orphaned Puppies By Dr. Thomas P. Burgess

40. The Rib Brace For Flat-Chested Puppies In Distress By Patty Metzger

44. Cure For Flat-Chested Puppies By Joy Thoms

46. Did You Know? Compiled By Samantha Adkins

48. Guidelines For Puppy Care By Susan Shephard

49. OE Breed System

50. Raising Pekingese Puppies By Susan Shephard

51. OE Group System

52. National Owner-Handled System

54. Index To Advertisers/Oe Subscription Rates

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