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Brought to you by Aramedia Group, Publishers of ShowSight All-Breed Dog Show Magazine and many other Award Winning dog show publications. We feel there's a growing need to celebrate Breeders. They're often the unsung heroes of the dog show world. The Breeders Almanac aims to change that.

This 500-700 page hardcover collectors edition book will profile the top breeding programs within all AKC Registered Breeds. This is important for the future of the purebred dog community - therefore we want to feature "the best of the best" within each breed.

  • The Breeders Almanac will cover all AKC Registered Breeds
  • Top Breeders within each breed will be showcased
  • The 500-700 page hardcover book will be sold at stores and online
  • The website will be promoted worldwide to millions of dog lovers.
  • Ads will remain online for as long The Breeders Almanac exists.
  • The Almanac will be arranged by Group (Group 1-7)
  • Breeds arranged in Alphabetical Order within each group
  • To ensure no favoritism, no dogs will be featured on the cover
  • No “preferred page placements” offered within any breed
  • Kennel Showcases arranged on a first come - first serve basis
  • The beautiful hardback cover will feature a striking logo
  • The Almanac's design will be similar to dictionaries & law books.
  • The Forward will explain the importance of Breeders
  • Stylish inserts between Groups will feature Advertiser Index

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