ShowSight - November 2017



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Table Of Contents
Monthly Columns
MBIS MBISS, GCHG Roadhouse’s Life Of The Party, CA, CGCA, CGCU, RATI, RATN, DN
38 Table Of Contents
39 Cover Story
44 Showsight -- From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis Ill
46 Message From The Publisher Aj Arapovic
58 Royal Canin Invites You To The AKC National Championship
80 Lines From Linda By Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
126 On The Line By Bj Andrews
138 Learning All The Moving Parts By Allan Reznik
142 Bostons, Boykins & Blueticks By Dan Sayers
162 Reality Check By Arlene Czech
174 Your Veterinarian And Health Testing By Deborah Lynch
180 Cheerleaders: Greg Paveza By Allan Reznik
182 Becoming By Jacquelyn Fogel
194 Muggy Montgomery By Dan Sayers
216 The Unsinkable Arlene Czech By Joe McGinnis & Judy Thompson
226 It Can Be Done By Heather Tauer-Reid
246 Survey Says: What's The Biggest Misconception About “Dog Show People”?
250 Around The Rings At Hatboro 250 • Stone City 256 • Naples Fl 260 • Niagara Falls 266
270 Remembering Jim White By Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
274 My Voice: The Fancy Speaks
Special Section
222  Owner/Handlers And Breeder/Owner/Handlers 
Breed Features
Rottweilers 277 
Bergers Picard 314
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  322 
Weimaraners 324
West Highland White Terriers 334 
Otterhounds 349 
Pharaoh Hounds 356
357 Coming Attractions
361 Advertising Rates
362 Showsight In Circulation By Daniel J. Cartier
364 Index To Advertiser


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