ShowSight - May 2020



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Cover: Ch Crown Jewel Zhivago Of Majenkir


42 Message From The Publisher

Aj Arapovic


44 A Practical Approach To Dog Shows

Philip Boyce


46 Placing Puppies In The Age Of Covid-19

Penny Leigh


54 To Breed Or Not To Breed?

Dan Sayers


70 Breeder Interview: Paula Pascoe

Allan Reznik


80 Form Follows Function

Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath


108 Lines From Linda

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr


112 Covid-19 Side Effects On The Dog Fancy

Barbara “Bj” Andrews


116 The Old, The New, And Low Entry Breeds

Walter J. Sommerfelt


129 Hound Group

Various Guests


150 Bullmastiff

Various Guests


162 Clumber Spaniel

Various Guests


166 Pekingese

Various Guests


176 Rottweiler

Various Guests


191 Sealyham Terrier

Various Guests


200 Coming Attractions


202 Index To Advertisers

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