ShowSight - May 2019



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Cover: GCH Kiarry's Diamond Girl "Gigi"


44 Message From The Publisher

Aj Arapovic


46 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus

Joseph Neil McGinnis III


56 On The Line

Bj Andrews


94 Becoming

Jacquelyn Fogel


100 Form Follows Function

Stephanie Hedgepath


112 Questions, Answers...And What A Difference The Trim Makes!

Michelle Scott


118 Purebred Preferences

Dan Sayers


128 The Preservation Of Dog Breeds

Jesse Lewis


136 Showsight Interviews

Allan Reznik




146 Lines From Linda

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr


158 Lums Pond Classic Candids

Photos By Jean Edwards


164 Weelde CACIB Show 2019

Karl Donvil


184 Kentuckiana Cluster Candids

Photos By Booth Photography


194 Are You A Rewards Member?

Dan Sayers


199 National Specialties


203 Poodle Club Of America 2019

Photos By Susan Saynay Wilson, Best Friends Photography And Joe Mcginnis


208 AEDCA National Specialty

Photos By AEDCA


213 It’s A Dog’s Life

Jeff King


216 Survey Says: Do You Fly With Your Dogs?


220 The Hound Group

Various Guest Experts


286 The Miniature American Shepherd

Various Guest Experts


297 Portuguese Water Dog Health

Mike And Cathy Dugan


302 The Scottish Terrier: Lovely Fire

Evelyn Kirk


306 The Great Dane

Various Guest Experts


318 Coming Attractions


320 Index To Advertisers