ShowSight - March 2018



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ShowSight - March 2018

Cover: CH Chevaliers Du Roland’s “Pumpkin Pie”

10  From The Publisher

11  Table Of Contents

16  From The Executive Editor Emeritus: Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii

40  Lines From Linda: By  Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

50  On The Line: By  Bj Andrews

52  Becoming: By Jaquelyn Fogel

72  Degenerative Myelopathy: By Ana Paolo Diniz

84  Three Tales Of An Irish Icon: By Dan Sayers

114  Kennel Club Of Beverly Hills

120  Weelde Dog Show: Belgium  By Karl Donvil

130  Everyone’s A Spectator At Westminster  By Dan Sayers


147  Survey Says

157  Westminster 2018

158  Westminster By Gail Miller Bisher

165  Betty Ann Stenmark: An Interview With Westminster’s BIS Judge

166  Westminster’s 142nd; My 39Th: By Joseph Neil Mcginnis Iii

182  Take The Lead Fundraiser: Photos By Susan Sprung & Tom Weigand

192  AKC Meet The Breeds® At Westminster: Photos By David Woo, AKC

202  Meet The Breeds Best Booth Contest

213  The Wonderful World Of Working Dogs

245  Ireland’s Magnificent Breeds: By Allan Reznik

252  Irish Breeds: Comparing Country of Origin and American Counterparts

258 Irish Wolfhound Type

250 2018 Special Feature Calendar

262  Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens: By Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

265  Showsight In Circulation By Daniel Cartier

267  Advertising Rates


270  Index To Advertisers

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