ShowSight - July 2019



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Cover: Princeton GCHP Le Petit Prince De La Bete

42 Message From The Publisher
Aj Arapovic
44 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus
Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii

80 Showsight Interviews
Allan Reznik
90 Honing Our Skills
Michelle Scott
98 Lines From Linda
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
106 Form Follows Function Part 7
Stephanie Hedgepath
117 How One Dog’s Fear Changed The Lives Of Thousands
134 Purebred Preferences
Dan Sayers
144 AKC National Legislative Conference
Susan B. Thibodeaux
154 On The Line
Bj Andrews
158 AKC Announces Recipients Of 2019 Veterinary Scholarships
Jessica D’amato
162 Ladies Dog Club Candids
Photos By Margie Huoppi
168 Lommel 2019
Karl Donvil
180 Pride Of Ownership
Dan Sayers
186 Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
202 Bryn Mawr Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards
210 East Idaho Spring Classic Cluster Candids
Photos By Gabby Murdock & Vicki Holloway
214 Maine Chickadee Classic Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards
218 Survey Says
How would you re-write the points system to be fair, but
also protect the title of champion as something hard earned
and proudly worn?
226 Owner/Handlers And Breeder/Owner/Handlers
Various Guest Experts
274 The Chinese Crested
Various Guest Experts
279 The Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Various Guest Experts
286 The Miniature Schnauzer
Various Guest Experts
296 The Flat-Coated Retriever
Various Guest Experts
304 Coming Attractions
306 Index To Advertisers

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