ShowSight - December 2018



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Cover: GCHB Hillwood Ale Kai Evelene

14 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus
Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii 

38 The Seven Secrets Of Show Success
Michael And Cathy Dugan 

48 The Trot...
Michelle Scott 

62 AKC National Championship Presented By Royal Canin Draws
Largest Entry In History Of Event 

68 Lines From Linda
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr 

84 Becoming
Jacquelyn Fogel 

100 On The Line
Bj Andrews 

106 Showsight Interviews
Allan Reznik 

116 National Dog Show Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards 

130 California Fire Relief Dog Fanciers Join Hands To Help Others 

134 The Value Of Pedigrees
Nigel Aubrey-Jones 

148 ‘Owney’ The Mail Service Mascot
Dan Sayers 

158 English Setter National Specialty Candids
Photos By Garth Gourlay 

164 Collaborating On The Greatest Needs In Canine Health
Sharon M. Albright, Dvm CCRT 

168 Memories Captured
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr 

172 2018 Annual
Karl Donvil

180 Tails Are Wagging For Hemp
Fred Metzger, Dvm, Mrcvs, Diplomate Abvp

182 Backstage At The National Dog Show
Dan Sayers

204 Spooktacular Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards

205 Advertising Rates

226 Old Fort Cluster Dog Show Candids
Photos By Booth Photography

230 Showsight In Circulation

256 Survey Says What Person In The Dog Show Community
Deserves A Special Gift This Year — And What Would The Gift Be?

284 The Hound Group
Various Guest Experts

317 The Irish Setter
Various Guest Experts

322 The Rottweiler
Various Guest Experts

339 The Welsh Terrier
Various Guest Experts

346 American Lhasa Apso Club National Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards

348 Coming Attractions

350 Index To Advertisers

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