ShowSight - September 2019



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Table of Contents

COVER: GCHP Roserock’s My Eyes Adored You


40 Message From The Publisher

Aj Arapovic


42 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus

Joseph Neil McGinnis III


68 Santa Barbara One Hundredth Anniversary

Joseph Neil McGinnis III


69 Santa Barbara Kennel Club Candids

Photos By Julie Lynn Mueller


106 The American Kennel Club Celebrates 1 Million Dogs Passing AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® Test


112 Keeping Calm, Pampering Puppies...

Michelle Scott


118 On The Line

Bj Andrews


124 Showsight Interviews

Allan Reznik


132 Form Follows Function Part 9

Stephanie Hedgepath


148 Lines From Linda

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr


158 Becoming

Jacquelyn Fogel


162 Steel Valley Cluster Candids

Photos By Jean Edwards


166 One Person’s Look At The Current And Future State Of Our Sport

Walter J. Sommerfelt


174 Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr


184 Two-Timing Terriers

Dan Sayers


188 Don’t Pre-Judge The Judge!

Scott Toney


192 Wills, Trusts And Dogs

Lisa M. Curry, Esq.


198 Leige 2019: Records Are Broken!

Karl Donvil


206 Santa Barbara Kennel Club Candids

Photos By Sharon Carvalho


214 Entries Open Now For The AKC National Championship

Presented By Royal Canin


218 Keystone Cluster Candids

Photos By Jean Edwards


224 The American Kennel Club Announces American Kennel Club Temperament Test


237 The Terrier Group

Various Guest Experts


312 The Akita

Various Guest Experts


318 The Basenji

Various Guest Experts


326 The Leonberger

Various Guest Experts


338 The Toy Fox Terrier

Various Guest Experts


350 Coming Attractions


352 Index To Advertisers

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