ShowSight - August 2017



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Table Of Contents

Monthly Columns

    40    Table Of Contents

    41    Cover Story

    42    Showsight -- From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis

    46    Message From The Publisher Aj Arapovic

    52    All In A Day’s Work By Dan Sayers

    76    Lines From Linda Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

    98    Becoming Jacquelyn Fogel

    110    Learning All The Moving Parts By Allan Reznik

    112    Ringside Shots: Del Monte Kc

    120    Thoughts I Had Driving Home From The Dog Show

              Canine Influenza Update By Caroline Coile

    142    Survey Says: What Did The Flu Do To You (And Your Dogs)?

    148    A Reading From The Book Of Face By Dan Sayers

    160    Ringside Shots: Oklahoma City

    172    Ringside Shots: Ann Arbor

    174    On The Line By Bj Andrews

    182    Ringside Shots: Lewiston

    194    Ringside Shots: Houston

    208    Ringside Shots: Ventura

    312    Memories Made By Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

Variety Group Feature

    209    Showsight Celebrates The Herding Breeds

Breed Features

    244    The Bernese Mountain Dog

    251    The Great Pyrenees

    263    The Pomeranian

    269    The Scottish Terrier

    279    The Chinese Shar-Pei

    287    The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

    296    The Golden Retriever

    304    The Keeshond

News & Information

    310    Showsight In Circulation

    311    Coming Attractions

    314    Index To Advertisers

    316    Advertising & Subscription Rates

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