ShowSight - April 2019



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Cover: GCHC Stone Run Afternoon Tea "Siba" 
14 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus, Joseph Neil McGinnis III
34 Interesting Times, Michelle Scott
56 Becoming, Jacquelyn Fogel
68 Keeping The Focus On Man’s And Woman’s Best Friend, Michael And Cathy Dugan
78 Purebred Preferences, Dan Sayers
88 Form Follows Function Part Four, Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath
102 Lines From Linda, Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
112 Celtic Classic Cluster Candids, Photos By Jean Edwards
121 Coming Attractions - May 2019
134 Del Sur Candids, Photos By Sharon Carvalho
138 Woof By Woofwest, David Frei
142 Labrador Retriever Tops Popularity Charts for 28th Year
144 The Last Crufts Before Brexit, Karl Donvil
162 A Reading From The Book Of Face, Dan Sayers
168 March Madness Cluster Candids, Photos By Jean Edwards
174 Kentuckiana Cluster Candids, Photos By Booth Photography
180 Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens, Linda Ayers Turner Knorr
188 KC of Philadelphia shares success with 3 Dog Organizations
190 Showsight In Circulation, Photos By Cheryl Mechalke, Vicki Havicon And Shelley Scott
193 The Toy Group, Various Guest Experts
252 National Specialties
270 Poodle Club Of America
273 The Airedale Terrier, Various Guest Experts
284 The Berger Picard, Various Guest Experts
293 The Doberman Pinscher, Various Guest Experts
302 The American Eskimo Dog, Various Guest Experts
308 The Weimaraner, Various Guest Experts
313 Survey Says
314 Coming Attractions
316 Index To Advertisers

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