Doberman Digest - January/February 2018



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Cover: Ms Marvel, Superman And Lola

5  Cover Story

6  From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil McGinnis Iii

10  Message From The Publisher Aj Arapovic

12  Superman GCHG Phillmar Superman (Steel)

30  Happy New Year From The Doberman Digest

31  Ripcord MBIS MBISS GCHP2 Fidelis Ripcord DS WAC CGC

41  Moments By Michelle  L. Michelle Lewis

42 The Story Of Sherman  By Barbara Alexander

48  Walamara Kennels Part Il

50  Viking Kennels—From The Beginning By Lynn Karrgard

53  Senior Doberman Project

54  DD Playmates Candid Photos Of Our Doberman Friends

58  Top Twenty Conformation

60  Top Twenty Owner-Handled

62  Top Twenty Obedience

64  Top Twenty Agility

65  Advertising Rates

66  Index To Advertisers

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