Since 1983 the OE has been called "The Voice of the Breed" and indeed it has a larger readership than any Peke magazine in history. THE ORIENT EXPRESS was founded "for the advancement, protection and celebration" of the Pekingese breed, and everyone agrees THE OE is the place for Pekingese.

With knowledgeable experts sharing their experience, witty columnists sharing the joys of living with a Peke, a close eye on legislation and veterinary research, undeniably beautiful ad design and super editorial content, the OE is one of a kind, just like the breed it celebrates. An especially popular section is OE PLAYMATES in which readers send in candid photos of their own dogs to share with Peke lovers around the world.

Veteran breeders/exhibitors and companion-animal owners alike wait each month for the arrival of their favorite magazine - THE ORIENT EXPRESS! The OE will quickly take its place on the shelf alongside your favorite classics. Subscribe now - don't miss another beautiful issue of THE ORIENT EXPRESS...MORE NEWS AND MORE VIEWS OF ALL THINGS PEKINGESE.


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